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  • The Importance of Satsang

    Posted by - / on 06/07/2014 / 0 Comments

    Real Satsang is the union of the Jivatma(individual self) with Paramatma (Supreme Self).

        If we stand near someone who is talking, that talk will create a particular aura around us. Through bad company, a negative aura will be formed, casuing an increase in impure thoughts. This is why it is said that satsang (keeping holy company) is necessary.

                                                                                                                                - AMMA

  • Amma's Teachings- Guru

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               Guru and God are there within everyone. But in the begining stages of sadhana, an external Guru is necessary. After a certain point, one can grasp the essential principles from each and every object, and thus move forward on one's own.

    Until a boy becomes aware of his goal, he studies his lessons out of fear of parents and teachers. But once he becomes conscious of his goal, he studies of his own accord, foregoing sleep, the cinema and other things that he once enjoyed. The fear and reverence which he had until then towards his parents was ..

  • Amma's Teachings

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            Once we know a particular shop from which we can purchase all that we need, why should we wander among all the shops in the market?. This would be a waste of time and of no use. Like wise, if we have found a perfect Guru, we should stop wandering and do saadhana, striving to reach the goal.

              Guru himself will come to the seeker of him; but the seeker should have intense dispassion towards the world.

             A Guru is indispensable for a sadhak. If a child goes near the edge of ..

  • My Heartfull Pranams to “Amma”

    Posted by Mamatha / on 01/28/2011 / 2 Comments


    My Heartfelt Pranams to "Amma"

  • Hyderabad Math programs- a Report

    Posted by - / on 08/02/2010 / 0 Comments

    Amma's bookstall in Tirupathi

    Tirupathi , the temple town is visited by thousands everyday. The Hyderabad M.A.Math headed by Br. Raghunath recently conducted a GuruPaduka Pooja and Mahasarvaishwarya yagnam to create awareness about Guru Poornima and Amma. About six hundred people attended the program and felt the vibrations of Amma's bhajans reverberating in the temple town. A satsang samiti,[Amriteswari Society] consisting of 15 members was formed in Tirupathi. The samiti will be incharge of social activities like medical camps, vidyamritam , annadhanam and village visits. Amma's bookstall is planned in Tirupathi & Thirumala.


    Rains in Medak Dist

    Maha Sarvaishwarya pooja ..

  • Green Year- June 5th,2009 to June 5th,2010

    Posted by - / on 06/08/2009 / 2 Comments



    Mata Amritanadamayi Amma has dedicated the coming

    year- June5th (World Environment Day) this year  to

    June5th,2010 - as "GREE YEAR".


     Amma's Green Friends - Amma'sAshram, Hyderabad  

    started  following "GREEN YEAR" has started   cleaning 

    project  the Amrita Naga Housing Colony, constructed by

    Amma at  Gudimalkapur, Hyderabad.


    Amma's Green Friends - Hyderabad request to join in the

    group and start work to partcipate in the Green Year.

    Contact- Amma's Green Friends Unit-Hyderabad- Ph.No-

    9866269109 email:

  • Your Experiences with AMMA

    Posted by - / on 02/02/2009 / 0 Comments

    OM Namasivaya.

    If you are already a member just login and share your experiences with Mata Amritanandamayi AMMA in your life.

     If you are not a member please  join and register yourself as a member and write your experience.


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